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Jumat, 18 Agustus 2017


Perjalanan masih panjang

Sudahkan kamu mempersiapkannya ? 
Kita di dunia ini hanya sebentar, semua yang dititipkan akan di ambil.
Sudah siapkah kita ?
Amal perbuatan kita di dunia akan di tanya.
Sudah siapkah kita ?

Satu hal yang pasti dalam hidup ini adalah kematian.
Setiap orang akan meninggal dan ditanya tanggung jawabnya.
Sudah siapkah kita ?

Jangan lupa solat, perbanyak istigfar, perbanyak baca Al Qur'an pahami dan amalkan isinya, perbanyak puasa, perbanyak amal jariyah.

Karena sejatinya sahabat yang akan menemani kita saat di kebumikana hanya lima yaitu :
Amal soleh
Al Qur'an

Sudahkah kita menyapa kelima sahabat sejati kita ?


Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

Part of Speech

Part of speech adalah bagian- bagian mendasar dari kalimat bahasa inggris.

You need to be familiar with the names for different parts of speech in order to make effective use of dictionary or grammar reference book.

1. Noun ( Kata benda)
    Definition : refers to a person, thing or an abstract idea 
    Examples : David, Surabaya, truck, luggage
2. Pronoun ( Kata ganti )
    Definition : can be used to replace a noun
    Examples : him, it, herself
3. Verb ( Kata kerja )
    Definition : refers to an action or a state
    Examples : run, play, study, prepare, work
4. Adjective ( Kata sifat )
    Definition : describe people, things, and events
    Examples : empty, impossible, heavy, green
5. Adverb (Kata keterangan )
    Definition : is used to say when, how, or where something happens
    Examples : well, slowly, tommorow, also
6. Article 
    Definition : has no meaning on its own, and is used before a noun/ noun phrase
    Examples : the, a, an
7. Preposition (Kata depan)
    Definition : is used before a noun or pronoun to indicate place, direction, time,etc
    Examples : on, it, in, over, by
8. Conjunction ( Kata sambung )
    Definition : is used to join clauses, together to make a sentence
    Examples : or, but, nevertheless, if

cara cepat bisa 16 tenses

1. Simple Present tense : S + V1
    contoh : I write a novel
2. Present Continues tense : S + to be1 + Ving
    contoh : I am writing novel
3. Present Perfect tense : S + to have1 + V3
      contoh : I have written novel
4. Present Future tense : S + modal1 + V0
      contoh : I will play music
5. Present Perfect Continues tense : S + to have1 + to be3+ Ving
    contoh : She has been writing a novel
6. Present Future Continues tense : S + modal1 + to be+ Ving
    contoh : She will be playing music
7. Present Future Perfect tense :S + modal1 + to have0 +V3
      contoh : We shall have played the game
8. Present Future Perfect Continues tense : S + modal1 + to have0 + to be3 + Ving
    contoh : I will have been writing a novel

Ingat rumus ini :

Kuncinya adalah a sentence must consist by Subject+Verb
Verb terdiri dari 2 yaitu : V1 = simple present tense
                                         V2 = simple past tense

  • Present itu diikuti dengan V1 menceritakan kejadian sekarang 
  • Past itu diikuti dengan Vmenceritakan kejadian lampau

  • Continues maknanya berarti sedang berlangsung maka Subject harus diikuti dengan Ving nah inget inget sebelum Ving harus di ikuti dengan to be
  • Perfect berarti menceritakan kejadian yang telah berlalu maka S harus diikuti dengan to have nah setelah  to have  adalah  V3
  • Future berarti menceritakan kejadian yang akan berlangsung maka S harus diikuti dengan modal nah setelah  modal adalah  V0
1. Simple Past tense : S + V2
    contoh : I wrote a novel
2. Past Continues tense : S + to be2 Ving
    contoh : I was writing novel
3. Past Perfect tense : S + to have2 V3
      contoh : I had written a novel
4. Past Future tense : S + modal2 + V0
      contoh : I would write a novel
5. Past Perfect Continues tense : S + to have2 + to be3Ving
    contoh : I had been writing novel
6. Past Future Continues tense : S + modal2 + to be+ Ving
    contoh : I would be writing novel
7. Past Future Perfect tense :S + modal+ to have0 +V3
      contoh : We should have played the game
8. Past Future Perfect Continues tense : S + modal2 + to have0 + to be3 + Ving
    contoh : I would have been writing a novel

Rabu, 26 April 2017

cinta yang tidak mungkin hilang

apa itu cinta ?

siapa yang akan slalu ingat kepada kita ?

siapa yang tidak akan lupa kepada kita ?

siapa yang tidak akan meninggalkan kita ?



Ps: Masa depan itu di akhirat
      Dunia akan jadi masa lalu

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2016

The best start

I need you for the first time
I love you for the whole life
cause every step that I walked
I feel like its the best start

There are many things that I wanna do
And I wanna achieve
But there are many distraction
And I have to get over it

So spread your wings
Let's try to do something better
If right now you cannot do
Tomorrow you will do

Life is just a passing moment
So appreciate every moment
Someday, I will go to a place that I belong to be
And I hope I will be in the best place with you

Who always stand by my side
Who always courage me
I am so grateful
That you're all surrounded me

Senin, 06 Juni 2016

Introducing a new secretary in a new department: Ms. Erna Wardani, S.Pd, M.hum

Jenderal Soedirman University, as one of the best universities in Indonesia, always improves and develops its facilities and technology. Also, Jenderal Soedirman University always does observation about what Indonesia needs to make Indonesia better. A quote said a great people can create some quality things , but some quality teachers can produce thousand great people". As we know, the education in Indonesia is still apprehensive. Indonesia needs a lot of skillful teachers. Besides of the fact, Jenderal Soedirman University wants to make the education in Indonesia better. Jenderal Soedirman University also wants to produce many skillful teachers. With some consideration, finally in almost two years Jenderal Soedirman University has new major which are concerned in the education. It is education department.

Ms. Erna Wardani, S.Pd, M.hum, as a lecturer of English department in Jenderal Soedirman University, is mandated to be a secretary of education department. With other lecturers, she tries to develop this education department. She said everything is new for this department, so Ms Erna has to learn more about it it. Although there is a little difficulty in managing new department, she really enjoys bearing all her responsibilities. Ms Erna who likes jazz and classical music hoped education department can be a faculty of education soon.

Although Ms. Erna is getting busy with two activities now, being a lecturer and being secretary of education program, she still can do her hobbies in spare time, Her hobbies are reading and testing some food. She loves to read so many books. She advices all English students to read more all English subjects. It is better for students to read and compare contents of some books so student can enrich their English knowledge. She likes to taste some foods in her spare time as well. She said food is not only about things that we taste, but also about culture and creativity. from food we can know the culture and history of ethnics. 

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review


Rindu is written by Tere Liye and published on September 25th  2014  within  544 pages including forty nine chapters. Editor of this book is Andriyati, cover by EMTE, and the lay out by Alfian. It is the 20th of Tere Liye’s works. The genre of this book is fiction. This novel tells about hajj pilgrimage trip in 1938. As you know hajj is harder in the past year. We have to go there by ship and it takes a long time to arrive.  A long trip full of longing started in big ship of Blitar Holland. In this book also tells  about history of Indonesia, and many question of the past, hatred, destiny, and love is completed this novel.
There are many characters in this novel. The first is Gurutta Ahmad Karaeng. He was a famous person who liked to give religious speech and he also wrote many books. Sergeant Lucas was strict because he was the leader officer who resolved the problem in the ship. He was like police in this era. Captain Philips was kind, wise, and polite. Daeng Andipati and his family was kind and friendly. Ambo Uleng was mysterious. Ruben was Ambo Uleng's friend. He was so helpful.  Bunda Upe was a teacher for children in the ship. Eyang Kakung and Eyang Putri were elder who have romantic stories.
When I read this novel, I felt like I came back to the past. When Indonesia was still taken over by Holland government, we had to followed their rules. Horror hit citizen. But there were still many younger generation who fought for their country. They had a great spirit to fight for their country. But it causes many lost. They didn’t know what time they would pass away or their family would left them because of war. They just believe that the independence of Indonesia would come.
A few days before Blitar Holland sailed, Captain Philips met a young man. He was Ambo Uleng. Almost his entire life was spent in the sea, so he became a good sailor. He was a silent person because there was something hidden in his heart, and he closed it very tight. Even Captain Phillips was not told the reason he hid his problem and why he decided to work in the ship of Blitar Holland. Captain Phillips liked the character of Ambo Uleng and he knew that Ambo Uleng was a good sailor therefore he accepted Ambo Uleng, but Ambo Uleng need to learn many things so he was put as the worker in the canteen. In the ship Ambo Uleng met his roommate named Ruben, and he also met  Guruta, Chef Lars and Daeng Andipati’s family.
Daeng Andipati had beautiful wife and 2 children named Elsa and Anna. Elsa as older sister and Anna as younger sister. Both of them like argued each other. It made me remember about my sister and I. We always argue for everything so our parents need to overcome us. So did Elsa and Anna. Elsa and Anna were cheerful and made others happy. The story feels alive because of them. They also met many new friends.
I love the story of Eyang Kakung and Eyang putri. How Eyang Kakung treated Eyang Putri was very gentle. He came to Eyang Putri’s parents and told them that he wanted to marry her daughter. At the first time the father of Eyang Putri rejected him because Eyang Kakung didn’t have a good job, but after Eyang Kakung promised to make Eyang putri always happy, he lets his daughter married. Eyang Kakung always do the best to make Eyang Putri happy. He also promised to go to Mekkah and they would hajj together. Until they already old, they finally actualize their dream. Everybody who heard that story felt so happy. And there were still many romantic stories about two of them.
The summary of this novel is every person that I told before has their own problems. Those problem was well described and to resolve all of the problems you just have to understand the problem, try to open your mind, try to accept, and try to forgive all the problem in your life. However destiny is something that you cannot predict, what will happen in the future is beyond your imagination. And you have to accept it if you want to find happiness.
What I can learn in this novel is in every books, like fairy tales, novel, and many other books have the writer. And God is the owner of the most perfect  stories on this earth. You have to believe that  the story of your life is the best thing God has written. With that believe, then you will not feel broken heart, disappointed, or feel hopeless.
So I want to tell you once again that you must read this novel because there are many things that you can get after reading this novel. So enjoy reading