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Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

Part of Speech

Part of speech adalah bagian- bagian mendasar dari kalimat bahasa inggris.

You need to be familiar with the names for different parts of speech in order to make effective use of dictionary or grammar reference book.

1. Noun ( Kata benda)
    Definition : refers to a person, thing or an abstract idea 
    Examples : David, Surabaya, truck, luggage
2. Pronoun ( Kata ganti )
    Definition : can be used to replace a noun
    Examples : him, it, herself
3. Verb ( Kata kerja )
    Definition : refers to an action or a state
    Examples : run, play, study, prepare, work
4. Adjective ( Kata sifat )
    Definition : describe people, things, and events
    Examples : empty, impossible, heavy, green
5. Adverb (Kata keterangan )
    Definition : is used to say when, how, or where something happens
    Examples : well, slowly, tommorow, also
6. Article 
    Definition : has no meaning on its own, and is used before a noun/ noun phrase
    Examples : the, a, an
7. Preposition (Kata depan)
    Definition : is used before a noun or pronoun to indicate place, direction, time,etc
    Examples : on, it, in, over, by
8. Conjunction ( Kata sambung )
    Definition : is used to join clauses, together to make a sentence
    Examples : or, but, nevertheless, if

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