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Selasa, 19 April 2016

Short Story


          This story is about my life. I am Farensa Kirana. I live with my parents. But my parents are very busy.  My father is a well known businessman. He always travels around. He does some business so he rarely comes home. My mother is a busy person too. My  mother is a famous designer for tabloid. Because my mom always makes impressive dress, she always invited to big event. And she also has large boutique that must be handled. So she also rarely comes home.

            And how about me, actually I am just a little girl who is still in senior high school. Of course, I go to the most famous and expensive school that everybody in this school are rich person. I like to wear short skirt and many bracelet which make my hand more beautiful. I have long brown hair, pointed nose, bright skin, and brown eyes. I have brown eyes from my mother who have relatives from other country. I don’t know where the exact place. I just remember my mom ever told me like that. Therefore I look like foreigner. Everyone who saw me certainly think that I am not from Indonesia.

Now let me introduce my best friend, I have a group of ladies. In this group there are 5 people including me. We have our own names, so we called each other differently with others. Such as my name is Farensa Kirana but they like to call me Eca. I know that there is no relation between Farensa to Eca but it’s okay. My friends are Ela, Eri, Eci. Eva. All is begin with E. Because we are 5 person and we like to make our nick name easy to remember and it makes us more closer.


I love to hang out with my friends. Whether it is morning, afternoon, even evening. We like to go to school together, I usually pick them up with my car. And in school our group is very famous. You know we are beautiful, rich and fashionable. Maybe some of them love us for real and some of them are jealous. But I don’t care. We just want to have fun with our life. We love to go to club in the night. We are always wear make up when we go to the club to cover that we are still in senior high school.

Club is a place where everyone having fun. It is very crowded. There is a dance floor. We hope we can dance all night long and drink as much as possible but I remember that I have to drive so I just drink a little bit alcohol. When we go there, we can forget a little bit of our problem.

As you know all of us have the same problem, our family is too busy with their business. They don't care about us. What they think is just how to get much money. They didn't think about their children. I feel so  angry with them.

In school we always chit chat about boys. Oh my god, I almost forgot to tell you about my boyfriend. He is really charming, good looking. He is my senior in senior high school. He is good at sport especially basketball. I like to accompany him when he plays basketball. He is tall, bright skin, pointed nose, and his hair is short. He is a tidy person, so I like him. In weekend we usually  go to mall and some other places that is fun to hang out.

I love to spend my day outside my home, because my home is too quiet. Although my room is very big and the furniture is complete, I feel so lonely inside. After I wake up, I just want to go out as soon as possible. 


One day my friends and I made a plan, we would like to have a party. And the party is held in my house. We started to buy everything we need such as snack, drink and many others stuff. We were so tired to prepare the party. But all of them was paid off because many of our friends came to the party. The party is so amazing. My boyfriend also came to our party. And we had fun together.

Until unpredictable moment came. My parents came home. They were so angry after they saw the house was fully mess. Then my father shouted my name.

“Farensa!”said my father

I was terribly panic at that time, my father never shout at me like that.

With panic face, I came forward to my father.

“What do you mean by this?”

I couldn’t answer that question,

And my father started shouting.

“ Get out all of you, if not I will call the police!”

Then all of my friends ran towards door. After that my parents continued angry at me. I kept silent. Only my tears that fell down.

“I don’t believe you do something like this.” Said my mother

After a long time silent

I said “I am sorry mom, dad.”

“Why do you behave like this?”

I started to cry louder than before.

“it’s be.. be.. because I feel so lonely”I said

My father and my mother felt regret after they heard my confession and they started to apologize at me. They hug me so tightly and they promised to spend their time more with me. I felt so happy after hearing that.

In the next day, when I come to school. I thought my friends would apologize at me, but they didn’t say apologize at all. They even angry at me. After all this time, I thought they were my real friends. In fact they were not.

My whole life is changed when all of my friends keep away from me. But I feel so grateful for everything that I have done. I can learn many things, such as in fact my parents love me so much, and I realize that real friends will never leave you. A good friend will bring you to be a good person. Therefore I will introspect myself, and I hope someday I will find my real friends.


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